Below are some examples of recent wheelsets produced by Krauss Bicycles.Wheelsets are custom ordered and built by hand according to the desire of the client. Krauss Bicycles carries wheel goods from the following companies:Alex, All-City, American Classic, AtomLab, chub, DT Swiss, Hope, H Plus Son,Industry Nine, Miche, Paul Components, Phil Wood, Profile, Rohloff, Salsa,Shimano, Spank, SRAM, Sturmey Archer, Sun Ringle, Surly, Velocity, WTB.  Prices are reasonable; please email inquiries desire to

Sturmey Archer kickshift & Shimano dynamo  on custom refinished Cerchio Ghisallo Wood Rims

In order to properly color coordinate the bike, refinishing of the wood rims were necessary.  Custom blended mix of stains, with a poly cover and wax.  Built with a Shimano dynamo front hub (decals knocked off) and antiqued finish.  Rear hub is a SA kick shift – 2 speeds that you can change with a kick of the heel.  There’s also a coaster brake.  Look all this and no cables, brake levers or shifters – clean…


Anytime Anywhere

Anytime:  Shimano Alfine Dynamo Disc front hub, powering a light all night.
Anywhere:  Shimano XT Disc Hub, strong enough for your adventures.
36 holes triple crossed 14g straight to Velocity Chukker Rims.
Where and when do you want to go??

Sturmey Archer XRD5 5-Speed / Drum Brakes on Cerchio Ghisallo Wood Rims     Price:  $700 / $875 with Challenge GrifoXS tubular tires

These wood rims have been handmade by Cerchio Ghisallo in a factory that has been family-owned for over 200 years.  Made from beechwood imported from Slovenia, these rims are made to exacting detail and are extremely precise.  Even the spoke holes are drilled exactly for a triple cross lace pattern.  Sturmey Archer internal 5 speed and drum brakes in the center of these fine rims.   Nice gear range and beautiful finish add form and function to a rich engineering heritage.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sturmey Archer XRD8 8-Speed / Drum Brakes on Velocity Chukker Rims     Price:  $525.

Same hubset as on the wheelset below.  Preserves the great lines of your bicycle frame, modern or vintage by limiting cables to the underside of the frame.  The Sturney Archer drum brake front hub has a crafty retro styled mag wheel pattern.  Very Nice Indeed.  Well the Chukkers are great deep dish rims able to handle what you want to dish out to ’em.  Strong and reliable, these will out last you.


DT Swiss / Mavic rebuilds – with powdercoat

Relacedsome disc wheels and had the rims powdercoated this super-hot candy orange.  it is like electrified copper.


Sturmey Archer XRD8 8-Speed / Drum Brake / Dynamo on Velo Orange PBP Rims Price:  $525.

Designed for any bicycle frame where you want the lines of the frame to remain clean.  No external derailleurs or external brakes to disrupt the bicycle frame design.  This also allows for cables to be routed along the bottom of the frame in a symmetrical layout from the handlebars to the rear hub.  The gear ratios go from 100% to 325%, giving an excellent range.  Since the first gear is 100%, or 1:1 ratio, on a 25 tooth cog, you can use a small chainring.  36 hole, 14g, triple cross lacing.


Velocity Cyclocross Custom Build Price: $500.

Designed for the M.I.X.C.X. bicycle, this wheelset uses Velocity’s lightweight road front hub and lightweight rear MTB hub laced (14g triplecross) to Velocity Fusion Wheels.  This makes for an incredibly light & strong wheelset.


SRAM Automatix Coaster Brake Hub / Surly Front Hub on Velo Orange PBP Rims     Price:  $350

So when was the last time you rode a bicycle with a coaster brake?  Was it a 700c wheelsize with an automatic transmission???  Chances are probably not.  That’s because this hub is brand new, and what a fine hub it is.  At about 11 MPH it kicks into a higher gear.  I mean it’s like turbo-boost, baby!  It’ll downshift without you even noticing.  The brake works fine at pretty much any crank position.  It is very surprising to me to find a coaster brake that works so well.  also, no cables to muddy up your frame design.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sturmey Archer XRD3 3 Speed / Drum Brake / Dynamo on Alex Rims     Price: $400.

Designed for the Urban Gal bicycle, these wheels are simple, clean, efficient and utilitarian.  Both Sturmey Archer hubs have drum brakes which keeps the clean lines of any bicycle.  The rear hub has 3 internal gears actuated by a twist grip shifter.  The front hub has a Dynamo that powers a headlamp, which is very bright.  Definitely suitable for most types of night riding, espaecially long distance touring.  36 hole, 14g, triple cross lacing.