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Chopped and dropped

Upcycled and old schwinn. Cut the stays, and lowered the frame so 700c x 35 would work nicely. Better frame balance and tighter. Added a couple of torsion stabilizers. Powdercoated flat black.




Angie’s Upcycled

upcycled with 3-speed internal gears and drum brakes. super-sparkley red powdercoat and custom front rack. she went cruisin’ on it – first time riding a bike in years? nah, I don’t believe it!


Up-cycling a frame that was destined for the trash.


What I like about…

…TNT titanium bottom brackets, Swiss bearings and 20 year old re-polished Kooka cranks.

Aligning an older Raleigh Mountain Tour

Here we have a great USA/Raleigh frame ready to be up cycled to a do-it-all bike. Retro fitting a new lugged fork to create a neutral and balanced ride. This’ll be ready for a super tour or grocery run shortly.


better, stronger, faster

the ol’ caad3 is rebuilt and complete with test rides and all.  rigid, fast, resposive, positive.  this thing will have you in perma-smile in no time flat.  step on the crank and you’re gone.  no flex anywhere; lateral x,y,z axes and torsional.  zilch. nada. nein. you’ll notice two chainrings and one cog.  high gear to get to the trails, low gear to get through the trails.  32/42 up front pulling a 19t in the rear.  (trails are very wet right now to test off road)  custom design/build suicide shifter on the seatstay.  use your left hand to shift it.  quick flick and the chain switches thanks to great salsa rings.  paul melvin tensioner.  ok, paul makes some seriously fantastic probucts.  any unit built by them is extremely precise and usually cnc’d.  old school style.  the melvin is no different.  this is the only tensioner that states that it can be used for two chainrings.  custom cassette spacers were made to align the sprocket in between the two chainrings.  just so happens that the melvin lines up perfectly with that chainline.  that’s one of the reasons why I swear by paul component engineering.  yup, you’ll pay for it, but precision has a price.  the bike also has NOS mavic mx601 sealed bearing hubs on wtb laserbeams (wicked light).  polished an old set of coda cranks.  thomson seatpost/stem for stength and style – answer protaper handlebar – the original but updated. 


c’dale polish’d


Side Project

Here’s a mid-90’s Cannondale Caad3 frame.  Ready to be upcycled at a very casual pace.  The intent is to polish it to a super shiny aluminum glow.  Right now you see only the paint has been removed.  The paint was chemically removed because it is much easier and sanding off paint may result in some undercutting of the tubing material.  On any frame, espcially Cannondales, you never want to come anywhere close to even thinking about undercutting the tubing.  Notice the Pepperoni – it took a while of periodically searching on eBay and Craiglist to get that classic. 

It will be built with mostly spare parts lying around and it will also act as a test bike for some MTB parts.  It’ll definitely use that old Vetta TT saddle you see in the older, built up photo.  Did you ever have that one component that sticks around with you forever, you love it, it works charms for you and miraculously never breaks?  (now that it’s written, I bet it got destroyed my the shop cat or something)  Well, that seat has been wonderful.  Since it takes the edge off really well, it’ll be a good match for this build.  We’re going dingle on this one, baby.  Single rear cog, double chainring up front.  High gear to get to the trails, low gear to get through the trails.  The shifter will take some thought, but it’ll probably be something you haven’t seen before.  I know I haven’t.  Stay tuned.

CB-1 / Porteur Progress Photo

Short week, but made some progress on the CB-1 and Porteur Rack…  Rack should be ready for powder coat, and bike will be complete as soon as fork paint dries 100%.

Bridgestone CB-1 – stripped!

The bike is stripped, fork paint removed, and ready to become an Up-cycle.   Check back for custom racks, front ‘n’ rear.

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