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Commute Challenge

So I decided to do a commute challenge: going to the studio by bicycle vs. van.

Since I have to park the van a few blocks from my house, that course include a walk.  The two courses are different because the bike route is more direct, but laden with full-stop intersections, and has more traffic lights.  You see bikes are able to go through these intersections.   The van route may sometimes include a Wawa convenience store pit-stop, but for the challenge, I went purely transportation commute.   Neither trip was favored, I didn’t sprint on the bike, sandbag the van or bias the runs in any way whatsoever.

Here are the results!

TIME – Bike = 16:39 ; Van = 21:22

BIKE BEATS VAN by 4:43, or 22% faster than Van.

AVG SPEED (including stops) – Bike = 12.8 mph ; Van = 11.0 mph.

BIKE WINS AGAIN by about 10%.  The walk really hurts the Van commute speed.

AVG MOVING SPEED – Bike = 13.5 mph ;  Van 13.9 mph

BIKE GETS BEAT by only 0.4 mph.  Really?!?!!

MAX SPEED – Bike = 22.2 mph ; Van 43 mph.

VAN WINS.  it’d better.

FUN FACTOR – Bike = 45 rdz ; Van 29 rdz

BIKE WINS. Measured in ringa-ding-zingahs.  For the record, the van is fun to drive, but nothing beats a bicycle.  That’s a rule.

COST – Bike = $0.76 ; Van $2.75

BIKE WINS.  After bike material costs, build costs, components, clothing and assuming it has a useful life of about 1,500 miles/yr for 10 years (I’ll keep it forever, but just for argument’s sake), we’re at about $0.2133 per mile.  Although I didn’t calc actual costs for the Van, I’ve done plenty for other vehicles (really awesome spreadsheets I made) I can say it’d be around $0.70 per mile.



no time too loose

been a while since last post – been busy – very busy.   We’re having good times here, too good to take time out to post.  Y’see I am not a synaptic poster.  If I have a thought, then my synapses generally tend to send specific commands to my muscles that have a direct impact on that thought.  In other words, my immediate reaction to events is to directly act on them, not write a txt, tweet, blip or post.   I don’t have anything against that physiology, it just isn’t how I function.  Here’s a photo:

Be happy with what you have, appreciate others around you and use your brain.

You heard of the A•TEAM

Well, these folks are the B•TEAM


Chopper bars


His & Hers


it has been a little bit

in the meantime, I was busy doing a variety of things.  Some graphic design work for decals.  New decals and Ultegra components went on the MIXCX.  Schnelletour was reworked and received new decals.  The frame fitter got decals also.   A while back, in the middle of middle Florida I found a gal and guy who do nothing but cut mostly cypress and cedar trees.  Cuttn’m in big honkin’ 12/4, cross and slab.  12/4 = 3″ by the way, that’s woodman’s verbiage.  So I made a couple into 2 coffee tables that key into each other to act as one.  The configuration can change or you can use them as two separate tables for different purposes.  Finished with tung oil.   


postively positive

A kind note left on the o.noah recently.  Ahhh, so pleasant!

back, with bamboo

So a documentarian named Max Tubman inquired with me about participating in a movie that will follow his building of a bamboo bicycle and riding it in the Pann-Mass Challenge.  It is a fundrasing event for cancer research and treatments where participants ride from 25 to 192 miles across much of Massachusetts.  Today we swapped steel for bamboo on the main frame tubes of an old Trek Singletrack.  Be on the lookout for some fundraising activities and opportunities to purchase bamboo goods here and on other sites.  Many of the goods will either be fully or partially tax-write-off-able.    Here are photos of Max and the bicycle tacked up:

material thoughts

After listening to so many folks who make blanket statements about their preferred (or exclusive) frame materials, I wanted to state my opinion on frame material here.  Doesn’t every material has its place in frames; steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, bamboo and even wood??  I certainly think so.  Choosing your material is probably based mostly on your prior experience and what you are attempting to do on the bicycle.  In my experience, I prefer aluminum for racing < 2 hours, carbon fiber for (temporary) short distance race-rippin’-sprinting, and steel for absolutely everything else: cruising, touring, non-race rides, racing > 2 hours, shopping, tasking, multisurface riding.  I want to experiment with bamboo (planning in the works, you wont want to miss it) and will stay away from wood for the forseeable future.   The difference in the ride characteristics of these materials is significant, and from what I’ve seen in the past 25 years is that as you go up in the high zoot high tech materials, you go down in the long lasting strength and ride quality.  That’s why:

I love Steel.

I race Aluminum.

I worry with Carbon Fiber.

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