You love bicycling. So do I. Just like you probably, I started bicycling at a very early age, and will continue well into my elder years. My name is Curtis Krauss and I am the owner/builder of Krauss Bicycles. My company and the products I create are built on the foundation of enjoyment through design. I started fabrication early in life, sometime before high school when I dusted off my grandfather’s Trindl Arc Welder to repair a broken BMX Stem with my father.  Then, I went on to build furniture while still continuing to ride. After working in a bike shop for years as a mechanic and salesperson, I started to race mountain bikes, in both short races and endurance races… then competing in time trials… and most recently triathlons. And there’s always been a hefty amount of touring throughout the years. Because I’m not done, cyclocross is next.

Each discipline has its own specific bicycle setups & design that enable better performance and or a higher level of comfort.

I have this passion for identifying the components of bicycle geometry and what dimensions made for good performance and comfort. As my curiosity for creating custom bicycles grew, I picked up and learned the craft of building bicycle frames from Steve Garn at BREW Racing Frames. Through his tutelage I learned the process involved in creating a frame. From the eye of the average cyclist, a frame may look simple, and in many ways it is simple. But, it is indeed a precision instrument in which tolerances must be set very low to produce a desired outcome. I used this attention to detail, my design skills & creativity, experiences and passion to start Krauss Bicycles. Through this venue I collaborate with you, the rider, to design and build bicycles that are custom fit to your body and your style of riding. In turn, you possess a bicycle that, through pure enjoyment, compels you to ride – – – – a lot.

The Krauss Bicycles workshop is located in the Fairhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia in the Hope Street Social Club building.  Drop me an email at if you want to stop by…