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vise vise baby

Another shop vise acquisition from a fellow studio tenant. Real nice piece.


whilest in Switzerland

I learned that there is a Swiss program that plans and constructs a nationwide network of hiking and biking trails!!  These aren’t just green “Bike Route” signs on some nondescript automobile-dominated arterial highway through the industrial no-man’s land of Anytown, they are fully improved, paved or macadam, real, honest, car-free, pet-friendly, pleasantly wide trails.  They have drainage, sturdy signage, striping and everything you’d expect from fine Swiss engineering.  Oh yeah, did I mention it’s nationwide – that means in the valleys, cities and, yes, through the Alps.  Amazing.

away for a while…

…but now I’m back.  So sorry for the lapse!  Worked on some bigger steel fabrication projects and other minor bicycle related stuff.  All of which afforded me the opportunity to acquire better equipment.  Could never afford this stuff on building just bikes alone!!!  Below are my new frame and fork jigs.  They’ll be used on some upcoming builds I have.   There will be a new intercontinental bike, urban stylee and some other goodies….

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