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Grate Rack design mod / plasticoated

Put a useful backstop on the Grate Rack and put a Plastic Coat on it.  Would I do a plastic coat again?  Only if sprayed in a real heat/humidity controlled environment as it is perhaps more sensitive to these conditions than other paints.  I generally prefer powdercoating because of its insane strength, self levelling cure, and elasticity (you can p’coat springs, no prob).


Porteur Rack back, Love Rack ready

…from bonehead.  I also finished the love rack, which will go to powdercoat soon.  Both Racks are on display at Volpe Cycles new location at 115 S 22nd St. in beautiful, bike friendly Philadelphia.  The Love Rack can be powder coated just about any color, so should you want it, let me know.

Web Updates

After a silly move on my part to update the programs that drive my website design (word press widgets/plugins), the website format got blown outtawhack.  So, I’ve been working on the website for a couple hours this week to change it to an acceptable format, which I like a lot better than the previous layout.  The format for photos is now different, and perhaps it is easier to view the items.  There’s still some ways to go… stay tuned.

great day – great folks – great ride

What a beautiful autumn day at peak leaf changing time.  This was a great ride with my wife, Graciela and my friend, Eric up the Delaware River Canal path for a few miles and then back with a stop for some delicious orchard fresh apples and lunch in Frenchtown.  See route here.

Grate Rack!

After sending the Porteur Rack (and other goods) to Bonehead, I put a little time in the Grate Rack – Its outer dimensions are 20cm by 30 cm.  I think it is a nice medium sized Porteur Rack, with plenty of places to hook bungees.  Not sure if a rear stop bar will go on or not (probably will, makes sense). 

another rack idea…

quick physical rendering…  Maybe it will be a front porteur style & will go on a Cannondale CAAD3 Urban Up-Cycle??

terrain triple-play

What a great autumn day for riding.  Nothing less than perfect!  Triple the fun with three different terrain varieties:  Road, Gravel Pathway & Singletrack.  All on the MIXCX…  Route Link Here.

CB-1 / Porteur Progress Photo

Short week, but made some progress on the CB-1 and Porteur Rack…  Rack should be ready for powder coat, and bike will be complete as soon as fork paint dries 100%.

Love Rack

I had an idea for a new rear rack – – this is just a rough take at it.


on the winterized MIXCX – great, smooth ride – see the route here:

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